Warriors News · Winter Athletics Competitive Pause 12/21-1/10

Beginning Monday 12/21 and extending three weeks through Sunday, January 10th, Fairview athletics will pause interscholastic competition to mitigate risk and control viral spread over the holiday season. During these three weeks, all contests with opposing schools will be postponed and we will reschedule all that we can for a later date.

Per Dr. Wagner, citing the reasons necessitating this pause, “The current pandemic conditions (and) the Governor’s comments (Thursday) that the coming weeks around the holidays being the most important in the fight against this pandemic…

Therefore, Fairview Athletics will pause all athletic competitions (conference and non-conference) effective Monday, December 21st through Sunday, January 10th.”

During this pause, practices for in-season athletics and workouts/conditioning for off-season sports MAY continue as scheduled, albeit with increased safety measures and protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of our players, coaches, and community.

Fortunately, many of the games that we were supposed to play over Winter Break and during this pause were lining up to be canceled anyway, as most were non-conference and many conferences have gone to conference-only play or are in shutdowns of their own. The minimal nature of our schedule over break made this an ideal time, if there ever was one, to take a brief respite from competition and come back stronger on the other side

State and County Health Department recommendations will be constantly evaluated throughout this paused to determine the best and safest course of action as we move forward through Winter Season.