Warriors News · Winter Competition to Proceed Without Spectators (and Where You Can Watch the Game Stream)

Per Dr. Wagner’s 11/19/2020 District Update and the recommendation from Governor Dewine and the ODH today, all athletic events this Winter will proceed without spectators until further notice.

This will allow the greatest possible chance that each season is able to proceed with as many of their competitions as possible, as safely as possible.

We understand that this decision may be disappointing to many, but it was made with what is best for the student-athletes in mind in light of the current state of the COVID pandemic and the recommendations that have come from the Ohio Department of Health, the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, and the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

In the meantime, EVERY contest in the High School Gym (all MS and HS events this Winter except for Swimming and Bowling) will be broadcasted LIVE on FPCSBN or on the FPCSBN YouTube Channel through our new HUDL Focus Camera in the gym. We are working on plans to broadcast Swim and Bowling as much as possible.

FPCSBN Broadcast Website: https://fpcsbn.weebly.com/

FPCSBN YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9rmC0oPgrKiDYlLn-Y3FwQ


Athletics Portion of Dr. Wagner’s District Update

The OHSAA and Governor’s office have both approved moving ahead with winter sports programs, following tightly regulated protocols to maximize participant safety.  However, given yesterday’s CCBH advisory, the district will no longer be permitting spectators at any scrimmages, games or meets.  The good news is that we have the ability to live broadcast anything in the HS gymnasium (MS and HS basketball and wrestling) and we will be working with FPCSBN to broadcast swim meets.  
From Governor Dewine’s Press Conference on Tuesday 11/24

“While the Ohio Health Director’s Sports Order has a limit on spectator capacities for indoor events, fans and crowds are not advisable at this time. As COVID-19 numbers are spiking in Ohio, this is an opportunity for our schools to help limit the spread of the virus.” 

“For those that have not suspended sports we would ask you when you conduct winter sports – basketball games, whatever – to do so without fans. This is another opportunity for us just to pull back. It allows our student-athletes to continue to play.”