Warriors News · OHSAA Update (Also Sent Out via FinalForms)

After today’s press conference from OHSAA, we are at the same point where we were last week when OHSAA sent their initial report. That is, a no contact period is in effect and all athletic facilities are to be closed at this time through end of day on April 5th. At this point in time, as was released last Friday, practices and team activities can resume on April 6th and contests can begin on April 11th. This is all subject to change at the recommendation/guidance of the Governor. If, by chance, school is delayed further, the athletic delay will follow suit. Long story short, the OHSAA will follow in line with the course set forth by Governor Dewine, the State Health Department, and ODE.
While we wait to hear on Spring sports (and even summer workouts and Fall sports, at this point), the OHSAA is meeting constantly regarding the extension of the Winter season and trying to find any way possible to be able to finish those seasons. We are hoping, especially for the wrestling tournament as we have two wrestlers who qualified for the State Tournament, that they are able to figure something out. In the press conference today, Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass indicated that they would like to make a decision within the next 24-48 hours on the Winter tournaments as things like facility and personnel availability are key in the ability to run those tournaments. From a spring sports perspective, there is more time to make a decision and they will continue to monitor the situation and communicate with school administrators as they work toward a solution.
One thing that the OHSAA did stress was the importance of staying active in this time of uncertainty and unstructure. With that in mind, I encourage all of our student athletes to do just that. Whether it is a run around town, a home plyometric circuit, or simple sets of pushups and situps – DO SOMETHING ACTIVE! It will keep you in shape, sane, and ready to go when we are able to get rolling.
Finally, please understand that nobody is happy about these decisions to limit, shorten, and potentially cancel any part of any athletic season. These are decisions that are made by many people from the Governor on down that are ensuring the health and safety of all involved. While it is far from ideal and the last thing anybody wants, these are necessary steps for the health and safety of the greater good. It is our hope, and everyone’s involved, that we can get back to action at the earliest, and safest, possible date.
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Stay healthy. Feel free to reach out with any questions.