Warriors News · SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Eva Malasi

Sports played: Tennis
Honors (academic, team MVP, conference awards, etc): I recently won an AP Scholar award.


Favorite memory during athletic career: I think my favorite memory for playing tennis all four years of high was probably was meeting my now best friend Sam during my sophomore year. I was able to make so many memories with her and gain a life-long friend.


Goals/aspirations for senior year: My main goal for senior year is to finish off the season with a great record for starters and then I want to make the most out of my last year at Fairview. I am going to focus on my studies but have fun at the same time.


College plans: As I am going off to college after my senior year I am planning on going into clinical psychology while still participating in tennis even if it’s in my free time. My aim is to get my bachelor’s degree and work on getting my master’s degree so I can start my career in psychology and then work on getting my PhD.


Favorite subject/class in school:My favorite subject in school has always been English, especially since I took them at Fairview. My junior year english teacher, especially, opened my eyes to different topics and got me more involved in the things I was passionate about.


Hobbies/notable outside of school activities: I have always been passionate in photography and art in general so that’s something that I tend to engage myself in. I also attended a summer program that taught me many things and allowed me to grow as a person and meet other like-minded people around my age.


Fun fact or two about you to share: I am bilingual with Albanian being my first language! I am currently learning 2 other languages and I absolutely love painting.