Warriors News · Update on Student Bus to Clearview

We are STILL ON for the game tonight, including the 2 student buses going to Clearview, even though there was no school today.

Since there is no school, the meeting in the Auditorium at 3pm is CANCELED. However, if you are riding the bus, you will need to meet in the HS Cafeteria NO LATER than 5pm (probably closer to 4:45 if you can – the earlier the better) so that we can take official attendance and go over a couple guidelines/expectations for the trip.

The bus is free, please just make sure you have $4 for your ticket into the game when we get there.

There are still a few seats open. If you want to attend, you MUST email Mr. Dianetti in advance with your name and emergency contact info (parent/guardian name, phone, email). IF YOU SHOW UP WITHOUT HAVING EMAILED ME IN ADVANCE, YOU CANNOT COME. This is for safety/accountability reasons.

DO NOT BE LATE. We will leave you behind if you are not there.